[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle – Overknee Socks (2022)

[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle – Overknee Socks (2022)[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle – Overknee Socks (2022)
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Sweet Austrian Anabelle has so many dazzlingly sexy features: any one alone would catch our eye, but taken together during her workout, she is irresistible. Most prominent is her naturally curly red hair, which she slyly confesses makes everyone curious what it’s like to sleep with a ginger. She’s 180 cm tall, and pulls down her gym shorts to stretch her long legs, in lacy see-through thong panties. She was once among the smaller girls in school, but “in two years, I grew 30 cm and outgrew everyone!”. Proudly displaying her juicy bottom, she shares that “the thing people remember about me, besides my long legs, is my butt!”

Anabelle tugs down her tank top to uncover her rosy nipples, which are also her favourite part of another girl to cuddle and kiss: “boobs are just the best!” Wearing only rainbow socks, she opens her legs using a resistance band, providing an intimate view, as her red curls and delicate labia spread apart. Anabelle tells us about her hot threesome with two close guy friends, and bends over to share that anal sex is her favourite, because “I love feeling stretched out.” Anabelle’s intellect is as enchanting as her beauty: she’s studying to be a chemist, and puts on her black-rimmed glasses to give us a nude reading from a Stephen Hawking book, in German.

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[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle – Overknee Socks (2022)[Abbywinters.com] Anabelle – Overknee Socks (2022)

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