HumiliationPOV – Valentina Fox – Self Hating Findom Addict You Know You Deserve This

HumiliationPOV – Valentina Fox – Self Hating Findom Addict You Know You Deserve ThisHumiliationPOV – Valentina Fox – Self Hating Findom Addict You Know You Deserve This

Are you back gain to give me even more of your money? You love wasting your money on girls who laugh at you and humiliate you. I wonder how many thousands of dollars you’ve already blown on this little addiction that you try to pretend isn’t a problem. You call it a ‘fetish’, this addiction that you have for giving your money to hot girls like me, for having your savings wiped out and put into debt. It’s so exciting, isn’t it? I mean I know your life is so miserable and boring, I can see why you’re drawn to it. It’s the only thing you have that gives you any kind of rush.
You have literally nothing going for you, this is all you have. Findom is your whole life. It’s why you work to have money, so you can come home and jerk it all away. And that really is sad and pathetic. And the reason that you are into findom is because you truly hate yourself. So this has become your only option for excitement and arousal. It’s your only option to be acknowledged by hot girls. If findom wasn’t a thing, no hot girl would ever even pay attention to you. I know you wish that you were normal, but you’re not, you’re pathetic, you’re a fucking loser, and girls like me would never acknowledge you without your money. And you know that and that’s why you feed into us, that’s why you feed into how fucking mean and greedy we are.
And you know that we’re right for not wanting to talk to you for free. You love paying us to remind you that you’re fucking nothing. You’re addicted to giving your money to hot findom brats. You’re addicted to being used and drained, it’s the only rush you get in your boring life. You fucking need it. This craving will never go away. You love seeing your wallet get drained because you don’t deserve it. And you know that you don’t deserve it and that’s why you’re addicted to giving it all away. You fucking hate yourself. You hate that you’re such a fucking loser and you hate that you have nothing to offer except for your money.
But you’ve learned to sexualize that hatred you have for yourself. I’ve taught you, I’ve shaped it into this little thing that we call findom. I’ve shaped your self hatred into a new fetish. I’ve gotten you to love being reminded that you’re nothing. I’m actually physically taking everything from you because that’s what you deserve. And that just makes you hate yourself even more. I bet you hate how good it feels to pay me. You hate how much you love findom but you’re never going to be able to stop because you hate yourself more than anything. This really is a vicious cycle. A cycle that you’re never going to be able to quit.
Findom is perfect for losers like you because it allows you to really suffer. The rush that you get when you see your account being drained is just proof that you’re a fucking self hating loser. You’re going to be addicted to paying forever. Once you’ve tasted that rush nothing else will ever compare. And the more you pay the worse it gets the more addicted you become. It just makes you so fucking horny.
The only place you belong is on your knees begging to be used. At least with me you feel like you have some value. You should be so grateful. It’s so hot blowing your cash on me, isn’t it? I want you completely obsessed with me. I’m going to take everything from you and not feel bad about it at all. And you love that. Every day this gets deeper and deeper for you, you turn into more of a pay slut because you don’t want to be tossed out, you don’t want me to stop paying attention to you. You’re so desperate for my attention, aren’t you? Yes, you are, even if it’s just to hear me say that I’m just using you for your money.
– Valentina Fox –
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